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Global fintech organization WEX needed to streamline and synthesize their customer-facing events calendar to build brand awareness around their industry conference series. Step one, a consistent event title: WEX | SPARK.

logo in video still frame

Logo within video

logo design

Primary logo for the Global Fleet event


The original working title was P2: The Power is Partnership. Early logo explorations for the event explored the concept as both P2 and P-squared, since both made sense from a collaboration standpoint. Complementary symbolism inspired by the WEX master brand was also integrated to add depth and tie the event logo back to the corporate style.

design process

First round concepts and mood boards

logo concept

A symmetrical concept symbolizing partnership

logo concept

A concept expressing 'exponential results'

The identity needed to feel modern, exciting and collaborative.

logo design concept

Data-inspired concept

Logo Design

Ultimately, the name 'SPARK' was chosen as another business line had found success in branding their event series under the same title. The final logomark paired the title; typeset in WEX's singular brand typeface Myriad Pro, with two lines sparking off the edge of the 'k,' metaphorically symbolizing dialogue and growth.

logo within layout

Primary visual imagery

Visual Palette

The keynote event and first official Spark enclave was held in WEX’s hometown of Portland, Maine. Rich with culture and stunning summer scenes, Portland offered so many sources of inspiration for the event’s supporting visual palette. The iconic Portland Headlight lighthouse was chosen as the hero image, with some digital infrastructure added to the image to align the visual with WEX’s photography style, and tease there was something more to the event besides beautiful vistas.

logo within presentation

Presentation branding

event posters

Event posters

event posters



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