Insurance Claims. Simplified.

Westhill is a new, disruptive managed repair platform as a service (PaaS) in the B2B InsurTech space, (property & claims and restoration specifically). In an industry where tensions are high, trust is low and communication is sparse, they help Carriers deliver a better, faster claim restoration experience to their Policyholders, while enabling Contractors to grow their businesses through more consistent work and extremely low [network participation] fees.

westhill logo


logo color breaks

Logo color variations

Logo Design

Our first task was to fashion a new visual identity that would position the company as an experienced, trust-worthy and stable business partner to insurance Carriers and Contractors – while conveying a smart, sleek and friendly persona to Policyholders.

We examined trends in the insurance and mass market home renovation verticals as a crucial part of our research. While the idea of a rising sun as a metaphor for renewal and new beginnings — or a keystone as the point of connection between bridged elements were popular ideas at first, we ultimately steered towards a stylized 'W' shape created from three parts, representing Policyholders, Carriers and Contractors.

logo development sketches

Process sketches

logo development sketches

More "W's"

sketches close up




custom drawn type

Custom typography explorations

vector refinements

Adjusting the custom-drawn letterforms

final logo large


key audience collage graphic

Aligning key audiences

aligning various audiences

Key audiences




The visual design system we developed for Westhill fused tradition with best practice digital techniques. The typography and bespoke icon system were designed for maximum legibility across various dimensions and mediums, while the color palette and image style drew inspiration from existing insurance industry brands. We wanted to foster a feeling of familiarity, paired with contemporary style and superior readability.

digital styleguide

Digital style guide

brand board

Brand board

office interior design element

Interior design

custom icon library

Icon library

Digital Presence

While the website needed to speak to all of Westhill's core audiences, its' primary function was to support sales and investor efforts; reiterating the origin story and high-level brand value propositions. The site was also our first opportunity to really activate the design system we had developed, marrying the typography, color palette, custom icon library and newly skinned app screens into a compelling digital narrative.

website homepage

Homepage design

website design


digital resource center

Online Resource Center

The idea of digital accessibility was a critical concept across all of the work for Westhill.

app screens

Reskinned app screens

App Promotion

The multi-panel app screen preview layout afforded us a great opportunity to detail the app's power while integrating value props for maximum efficacy. We bled images from one panel to another to create a sense of continuity within the story, and a visual dynamic that felt progressive and exciting.

user app screens

Policyholder application

contractor app screens

Contractor application. (Note: This project was completed for Westhill's agency partner, EverWonder).


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