For the Love of Music

The Suzuki Method believes that young children can be taught music the same way they learn to speak; through play and repetition. Unlike other music lessons, parents are present for the instructional session and serve as the 'teacher' at home during the week. Awareness and understanding of these tenets was integral to designing a uniquely appropriate brand identity for the school; one-of-its-kind within a close-knit town that exudes the idea of "community."

logo design

Primary logo

Logo Design

Guided by the unique methodology behind the instructional approach, and an emphasis on "love of learning," we explored a variety of musical/relationship motifs in developing the logo. From geometric treble clefs with shapes representing students/parents/teachers, to growth-oriented visualizations of leaves stemming from the neck of a violin, Owner & Director Jessica McNamara ultimately selected a very clear graphic of a violin integrated into the name of the school. While other instruments are taught, violin is the most popular at the school, and tends to be front-of-mind when the Suzuki Method is mentioned.

image style

Image styling

Tagline & Communications

When asked what would make her school stand apart from others, the first word Owner & Director Jessica McNamara said was “love.” Knowing Jessica’s passion as a music instructor and parent herself, it felt natural to tie the words “love” and “play” together as a tagline that could utilize the same visual motif as the primary logomark.



business cards

Business cards

When asked how this school would be unique, Jessica instinctually said "love."

tee shirt

Tee shirt

tote bags

Tote bags

Truly Inventive

“The results were better than I could have hoped for. It's amazing Paul took so much from our conversation and turned the ideas into something so perfect for our business.”

Jessica McNamara, Owner & Director / Ridgefield Suzuki School


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