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Realizeit was founded in 2007 by teachers, mathematical researchers and software engineers after they developed a software with the power to teach one-on-one learning at scale. More recently, the company found themselves at an inflection point where business was growing, but their brand value proposition failed to espouse their new trajectory. They were expanding their market share in the higher education vertical while also increasing their efforts to sign corporate partners. Our challenge was to evolve their master brand while providing sensible paths for Realizeit to speak to disparate markets in a complementary manner.

realizeit logo design

New primary logomark

realizeit logo design color variations

Logo color variations

Realizeit is passionate about infusing the art of teaching with the science of learning.

ui application mockup

New UI

Logo Design

The heart of this project was really an immersive website overhaul. Realizeit had a logo they'd been using for years, where the text ran together a bit and the 'it' was accentuated with a semicircular outline, symbolizing one of the nodes within the learning pathways seen in the software. They were open to an evolution of the logo text, where the words could more easily read as 'Realize' and 'it,' but still maintain the visual portmanteau. The leadership team also expressed an interest in moving away from the node connotation, which has lost its uniqueness as it had permeated the UI systems of other elearning products.

As part of the logomark evolution, we explored numerous ideas that enhanced immediate recognition of the two words ['Realize' and 'it'], while still reading as 'Realizeit.' We also aspired to use the 'it' portion of the full mark as a secondary logo — a visual shorthand for the company that would be optimally-sized for social/digital usage.

Over the course of our progress on the updated logo, the leadership team become fond of a multi-colored solution brought to life within a custom-drawn 'it.' They felt this visual would resonate well across their growing portfolio of verticals. To be sure, we created a variety of designs for this character treatment. The finalist design shown here centered around a state of activation for users; an element in motion that symbolized progress, recognition or achievement. There were a number of stories that could be told as to the logo's logic, and they all offered an opportunity to tie back to the brand in a memorable and differentiated fashion.

logo design process

Early ideations

logo design concepts

Concept development

logo design progress

Concept refinement

logo design process

'it' variations

logo design process

Realizeit logo

Visual Toolkit

We paired the new logomark with stylistically-neutral typefaces and iconography to avoid detracting from its' vibrancy. This simple palette also allowed us to easily integrate a number of user interface pop ups (inspired by the Realizeit platform) throughout the site, to ground the photography in context and add specific relevance to various value statements.

brand exploration boards

Brand style explorations

brand style guide

Brand style guide

business cards

Business cards

swag design


billboard messaging

Billboard concept

UI pops

UI pops

custom icon library

Icon set

stationary design

Document design motifs

Realizeit creates engaging intersections between the knowledge a learner needs, and the content that can be used to teach it.

social media communications design

Social media aesthetic


The team at Realizeit was expressly interested in focusing on the power of the platform, rather than relying on graphic embellishments to sell their message.

We formulated a library of simple, yet visually descriptive icons alongside a small series of illustrations to complement the photography and platform UI imagery.

To add another layer of context to the photography, we collaborated with the product experts at Realizeit to distill some of their most powerful features or progress notifications into simplified UI pop visuals that we overlaid upon select images.

In other instances, we interjected a horizontal and vertical gradient border to one side of an image. Our intent was to create a unique and ownable visual motif that could easily be extended across collateral irrespective of the subject or crop of the image. These progressing gradients came to represent the exponential effect of forward movement and upward progression that Realizeit’s one-to-one adaptive learning engine delivers.

ui reskin

Re-skinned UI

website design

New website pages

Website homepage. (Note: This project was completed for Realizeit's agency partner, EverWonder).


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