Transforming Patient Billing

Inbox Health is a promising start-up that quickly outgrew its' initial identity and marketing aesthetic. The sales strategy, UI product and growth expectations demanded a more mature and robust presentation of the company's capabilities.

inbox health dashboard

Newly re-skinned dashboard


After a concentrated onsite executive workshop, Paul partnered with the Inbox team to reaffirm the company's mission, brand value proposition and core beliefs. Along with broader details around the product as well as user feedback, we developed a new logomark, visual identity toolkit, suite of marketing materials and a new website.

inbox health logo design

New primary logomark

logo color breaks

Master brand color variations

"It’s almost impossible to imagine the Inbox Health brand without the great redesign effort Paul led and delivered on."

Simon Kaluza, Co-Founder & CTO
logo as app icon

Logo app icon

Logo Design

Initially, the company wasn’t interested in revising their logo. The existing mark featured the word “inbox” large, adjacent to an envelope graphic with a much smaller typeset “health” above. This dramatic difference in scale posed readership and comprehension issues at smaller sizes, and the envelope graphic really only spoke to mail and email, when the company was focused on an omni-channel communication approach.

We investigated a series of small updates — correcting the size imbalance between the two words — while still maintaining the envelope icon, but ultimately the client was both comfortable and convinced that a revised graphic should take the place of the existing mark.

The concept we presented featured a common, but geometrically styled inbox graphic, filled with horizontal bars which could represent a document, or communication in general. The new typography is a lightly adjusted version of Proxima Nova, whereas the arches and bowls within letters like "n," "b" and "h" have been tuned to complement the rounded edges of the inbox graphic.

brand style guide

Brand style guide

custom iconography set

Custom icon set

Visual Toolkit

The Inbox leadership team had a very clear idea of the direction they wanted to pursue from a visual brand perspective. They liked the sleekness that bright color gradients offered, paired with illustrations that depicted just the right amount of detail in terms of story-telling.

We built a color palette and selected typography in the spirit of conveying a tech-forward, customer friendly product, with enough color flexibility to easily represent a myriad of data points, states and notifications within their UI.

case studies

Case studies

trade show booth

Expo booth

table tent

In-office marketing

trade publication ad

Trade publication ad


The company was now set to transition from a single-page website to a more robust and impactful online presence. While the primary audience would be medical billers and [initially] potential investors, the content needed to tell a compelling story to patients and medical practices as well.

One of the most important updates within the new website focused around distilling and simplifying Inbox Health's cross-channel algorithmic value proposition in a clear and exciting way. We accomplished this by isolating soundbites of the larger story, and developing specific, yet comprehensive visuals and supporting text to add clarity and context.

web design

New website homepage

web design

The platform

Strong ROI

“Paul helped us create a new design framework for our venture-backed company that paid big dividends; helping us secure additional investment funding, increasing sales performance, and measurably enhancing the UX of our product. We’re excited to build and scale within this new foundation.”

Blake Walker, Co-Founder & CEO / Inbox Health


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